Do you know what people are thinking when you talk to them?

I do not walk around prying into people’s’ thoughts or emotions. It’s like a switch I turn off unless I have explicit permission from that specific individual. It’s wrong to do otherwise. I wouldn’t like that if it were me. I do not violate the privacy of others.

Do you do chakra balancing or healing?

During the reading, you are opening up, and each of your Chakras ‘speak’ for themselves. Through this process, your attention to each one brings awareness to what you need to heal. It takes your awareness to begin the healing process. Balancing your chakras begins with opening up and connecting with each one on a conscious level. As you and I go through this process together, you also learn how to be consciously aware of the feeling, emotion, and function of each chakra. You will then be able to recognize your own negative thought patterns and actions that contribute to the chakras’ underexposure, overexposure, or stagnation. The association lets you know when to stop feeding into the malfunction and focus on the healing.

Why does it take awareness to heal?

Healing is a process. Feeling pain makes you pay attention. Both directly and indirectly, you learn and evolve from it. Your awareness to self-depleting patterns in your life allows you to face them and replace them with positive actions. This awareness is a skill and the more you use this skill, the better you’ll be at keeping up to par when things in your life are off-balance. Balancing and healing by another person does not neccisarily help you develop the skill for yourself.

Why can’t I just pray to be healed?

You can! By all means pray, pray, pray! Prayer is a conversation between you and God. I would caution you to not forget that simply being idle and waiting for  God to come take it all away is not really a productive use of your time. Be open and willing to accept the Divine help that you requested, in whatever shape or form it manifests in.

What are your spiritual beliefs?

I have a deep respect for and honor the religious beliefs of others. Throughout my life I have always been a seeker of divine wisdom, connecting closely and adopting the beliefs of several faiths including Christian, Mormon, Wicca, Hinduism, and Universalism.

I describe my beliefs as Henotheistic. It is based on the belief that  God may take any form at any time and still have the same essential nature. The central idea is that one name for God… may be used in a circumstance where a particular aspect of  God is being represented or worshiped while a different name may be given to or used to describe or worship a different aspect of God in a different circumstance. This example does not imply the superiority of one over another, but simply that God can exist in many forms at once and offering worship or praise using different names does not have to imply polytheism. Henotheism is sometimes considered a sophisticated version of monotheism in that it allows the worshiper to believe in essentially one Supreme Being and still appreciate and not limit the names, expressions, or manifestations used to describe it.

Do you Google me or look me up on Facebook or something?

No. When you book an appointment with me I only want your first name and a contact #. That way you don’t have to worry about it.

What’s off-limits?

That’s up to you. I can usually tell if you don’t want me to explore a certain Chakra. Some of my close friends have done that, and I respect your boundaries.